Datora Telecom’s Aniversary

Today our company is achieving 23 years of existence. If we look for companies like Nestle with 130 years or entities like Colel Chabad that help people from any religion since 1788, this is a small step on their lifetime, but for our technology world and to the founders, seems a giant leap.

A lasting journey on this competitive market, depending on reinventing ourselves many times to continue to provide services and become a relevant player in the segment.

If you believe Datora somehow impact your life or your business, please consider a gift, in form of donation at https://www.colelchabad.org/Donate_Now.htm and let us know so we can also contribute to honor your contribution. Just post the code on Twitter (please, do not post the value donated, something that is personal to each one of us) with the hashtag #ItIsGoodToDoGood .

And if you feel other institutions deserve it, don’t be shy to choose yours.

Thank you to everyone that contributed on this 23 years, including providers, clients, employees and our families that invest also their patience on us.




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